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Re: Hinchcliffe relatives from Holmfirth

Posted by Paul Hinchcliffe ( on March 19, 2003 at 20:45:04:

In Reply to: Hinchcliffe relatives from Holmfirth posted by Paul Hinchcliffe on July 13, 2000 at 02:56:40:

my new email address is

: Jon,

: What a wonderful Hinch(c)liffe web page you've set up! Your attention to detail in providing rich content regarding the history, geography and relevant reference material on our surname is invaluable and non-existent elsewhere.

: It took me some 15 years to pull together bits & pieces from many, many books to arrive at 5% of what you've provided.

: My line follows:
: George Hinchliffe (1791 ~ 1861)b. Upper Thong.
: wife Mary (b.~1801) b. Cartwordth
: 1841 Stayley/Holmfirth census: George Hinchliffe,45; Mary,35; Jane,10; Joseph,5; Hannah,2.
: 1861 Stayley/Holmfirth census: George Hinchliffe,69; Mary,59; Joseph,25 (wife Betty 22)& Tom (grandson); George,17; Anne, 18 (niece).
: Tom was my Great grandfather.

: I would be happy to entertain any emails regarding relevant connections.
: Jon, thank you for a great job!

: Paul Hinchcliffe

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